Singer Niyola Narrates How Her Friend’s Ex Murdered And Burnt Her

Singer Niyola Narrates How Her Friend’s Ex Murdered And Burnt Her 


Domestic violence seem to be the news making the rounds in Nigeria these days with more and more people coming out to share their experience. This time, Singer Niyola shared the pain her South African friend named Karabo went through in the hands of her ex who murdered and burnt her beyond recognition. She also shared was seem to be her last chat with the said friend. Read below.

I really shouldn’t be doing this but the worst has happened and someone’s life might be saved . My friend was murdered by her ex and burned beyond recognition . Before then he had battered her black and blue on one occasion and would constantly drain her emotionally . These signs were there , he tried to kill her many times until he succeeded . Now my friend is gone and she ll never be able to grow into the person God destined her to be . If he pushes you , hits you , yells at you … my dear take to your heels before you get yourself killed . Life is too fickle to be toyed with . Only a fool refuses to learn from other people’s lessons .


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