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Seyi Law Reacts To Vice Pres. Osinbajo’s Take On Medical Tourism

Seyi Law Reacts To Vice Pres. Osinbajo’s Take On Medical Tourism

According to Premium times reports, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has spoken on the high rate of Medical Tourism in Nigeria.

He said that a situation wherein citizens of Nigerian cannot trust the health system and would much rather travel abroad to seek medical attention is unhealthy for the economy.

In his terms, Medical Tourism is draining Nigeria’s reserves.

However, this comes as a shock to most Nigerians as President Buhari, who happens to be his immediate boss, just returned from a 4-month long medical tour in the UK.

Many users of social media have come forward to say Osinbajo might have been unaware of the gravity and implications of what his message insinuates.

However, if he was, it might seem that he is ‘throwing shades’ as President Muhammadu Buhari.

Comedian, Seyi Law has also lent his voice to the matter as he shared a post on Instagram where he suggested the banning of Political and Public office holders from seeking medical attention abroad.

He stated that since no one desires to die, if access to foreign healthcare is limited, the powers that be would sit up and Nigeria’s health system would experience a revival.

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