Orezi and Onyeka Onwenu Give Their Opinion On Ladies Shaking Butts In Videos

Orezi and Onyeka Onwenu Give Their Opinion On Ladies Shaking Butts In Videos



These days, one can hardly watch a music video without being bothered about the rate of nudity and lewd dances by girls in such videos. It has almost become the order of the day, except for gospel music videos. If the lyrics aren’t talking about ladies shaking and rolling their bums, the video will definitely have ladies throwing their almost naked butts everywhere even when the song has no correlation with that. This trend, which was never around in the Nigerian music industry, seem to have come to stay with hardly anyone speaking against it.

Reporters decided to get opinion from a New Generation Artiste and a Legend from the Old School on the issue of ladies shaking their butts in music videos. Below is a transcript excerpt and video showing Orezi and Onyeka Onwenu airing their opinion on the issue. Credit: wotzupOntv & hiptv


What’s my take on ladies shaking their butt on TV? Ehm..for me it’s called entertainment. If it entertains, then it’s okay. How you choose to entertainment people is fine by you

when a certain class of people…level of people come out and gather themselves to say that it’s wrong, you begin to ask yourself why do they say it’s wrong.


Onyeka Onwenu:

You can start off singing all these nonsense…shaking bum bum and all that. But there comes a time in your life when you realise that there’s more to life…



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