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Kidnapper Evans’ Wife’s Confession: A Lesson For Girls Of Nowadays

Kidnapper Evans’ Wife’s Confession: A Lesson For Girls Of Nowadays



Girls of nowadays have allowed the quest to escape poverty to blind them thereby leading them into the hands of men whose source of wealth is highly questionable. You need to see the way girls between the 18-25yrs ogle guys who look expensive. Many of the ladies condemning the wife of the rich kidnapper Evans will do anything to be in a relationship with a confirmed yahoo boy. They are ever ready to love the guy wholeheartedly, not because he’s cute or has a good behaviour, but because he lavishes money. Try walking up to a girl under the sun and see the awful audience she will grant you. I bet you that the same girl won’t hesitate to hop into your car if you park beside her on the road.

You really need to see the rate at which ladies slide into the DM of guys who show a lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Most of them send nude pictures just to get the attention of a dude whom they don’t know how he makes his money. Once they see pictures of the guy in a Gucci store, in several private jets, posed with exotic cars and popping expensive champagne, they throw their senses away. It’s either they be his wife or baby mama. To them, it is better to cry in a Range Rover than under the sun.

Evans’wife said she had to leave school to marry him at 17 due to poverty. We don’t know how true this is, but girls of today are not anything close to poverty to make them become desperate. What they just want is excess riches and would partner with a criminal if it means them having it. They forget that a good name is better than gold and silver. Just a while ago, Evans’ wife thought she had happiness due to the gold and silver in her husband’s possession. She thought it was a good thing to cry in a Cherokee SUV than under the sun. Now that she has landed herself a bad name, the gold and silver make no sense anymore, and so she had the below to say.

“…His wealth should be sold off and given to his victims”


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