The Golden-Eyed Girl Finally Gets A Proper Photoshoot (PHOTOS)

The Golden-Eyed Girl Finally Gets A Proper Photoshoot (PHOTOS)

Peace Samuel Omana, now popularly known as the golden-eyed girl burst into the limelight recently when a photographer took photos of her at Mile 12 where she sells vegetables with her mother.

Her eyes were wonderfully striking so much that Abimbola Balogun, the photographer who discovered her returned to the market in a bid to find the girl.

Unprecedentedly, she was met with a lot of hostility. Several of the fellow traders at the market almost labelled her a kidnapper who wanted to take advantage of the girl and her family.

Abimbola said it was clear they were envious of the success story that was about to break on their family.

However, their attitude did not put Abimbola off as she took every measure to convince the family that she was a well-meaning photographer who merely saw the promise in their child.

Now, the manifestation of that reassurance has come as Abimbola has finally got a chance to shoot Peace and it is evident that this beautiful girl was made for the camera.

See photos below:

Despite several speculations, reports say she does not have a medical condition. She in good health.

Friends of Peace say she is calm, nice and a lover of Mathematics.

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