Picture Of The Family Of A ‘Descendant’ Of Prophet Muhammad Without Hijab

Picture Of The Family Of A ‘Descendant’ Of Prophet Muhammad Without Hijab



Last year, a lady’s decision sparked a heavy debate in Nigeria when she was refused call to bar for putting on a hijab under the wig worn by lawyers. The lady, Firdaus Amasa, claims going without her hijab is against her religious rights.

Many Nigerians debated the issue claiming religious apparels shouldn’t be mixed with that of secular institution with laid down principles, while some said wearing of such goes in line with a provision in the constitution.

Months after the incidence, an Imam from Australia, Imam Tawhidi, has posted a picture showing the King of Jordan, King Abdullahi II, and his family. He claims he is a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad and wonders why the females in the family of such a man are not seen wearing hijab or burqa.

Imam Tawhidi has recently made two tweets concerning Nigeria, one about what he did to Nigerian scammer and the other about Nigeria current;y having a terrorist government in power.


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