Victoria’s Secret’s “Dream Angels Fantasy Bra” sold for $1million (photos)

Victoria's Secret's "Dream Angels Fantasy Bra" sold for $1million (photos)

Victoria’s Secret unveiled “The Dream Angels Fantasy Bra” ahead of its fashion show stated for Sunday 2nd December 2018. The bra, which is placed at $1million is said to have more than 71 carats diamond and took approximately 930 hours to put together.

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Sharing a photo of the new lingerie on twitter yesterday, Victoria’s Secret wrote;

“Introducing the $1 Million Dream Angels #VSFantasyBra, worn by @elsahosk & designed by Atelier Swarovski. See it sparkle on the runway in the #VSFashionShow, Sunday, Dec. 2 at 10/9c on @ABCNetwork.

The bra,  which consists of a cropped bodice and chains affixed with 2,100 Swarovski created diamonds, was modeled by 29 years old Stockholm born model, Elsa Hosk, who has been working with the lingerie brand since 2011.

Victoria’s Secret’s “Dream Angels Fantasy Bra” sold for $1million (photos)

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Hosk described the bra as the “most beautiful fantasy bra I’ve ever seen”, adding that,

“It was just a sensation that I’ve never felt before. My body was violently shaking. And it wasn’t because I was nervous, I was just excited. It was a cool feeling that I’ve never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I’ll never forget.”

She went ahead to add that:

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“It’s just very cool, very simple, modern, and so sparkly.”

“If I would have designed it, it would have looked just like this.”
See more pictures below:
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