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The HEAD of the home NEVER goes in to the kitchen – Ugandan President

The HEAD of the home NEVER goes in to the kitchen - Ugandan President

Ugandan President, Yoweri Mueveni, has been frowned upon by so many, following the statement he made on Sunday. The 72 years old president said he hasn’t been in the kitchen since he got married and doesn’t think any other man should be, owing to the fact that men don’t belong in the kitchen. He said:

“The head of the home never goes into the kitchen. It is now 45 years with Mama Janet. I have never stepped into the kitchen. That is how it should be.”

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Stating this as an example of how politicians and civil servants should stick to prescribed roles. A statement which earned him a lot of criticisms from women who believe him to be a male chauvinist.

The likes of Beatrice Alaso, member of Forum For Democratic Change, an opposition party in Uganda, added that the president has proved to the world that he believes women belong in the kitchen and can never be equal to men.

“Museveni has revealed to the world what he has always believed in: that women can never be the same as their male counterparts”, she said.

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In the same line of thoughts, Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam’s International Executive Director, added that;

“Cooking isn’t a woman’s job. It’s a life skill. All people — men and women — should cook.

When cooking, cleaning and doing other domestic chores are left to women, they are denied an equal chance to raise incomes or to be politically active.”


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