Expectant mother gives birth to an alien in bizarre maternity shoot

A Canadian couple, Ted and Nicole Cameron have given birth to an alien as can be seen in their maternal photoshoot.

The couple who are huge fans of Halloween decided to do something extraordinary as they are expecting a baby. They decided to do a shoot which reflects their dark sense of humor and love of Halloween.

The photoshoot started off in a normal way with the couple at a pumpkin patch and acting all lovey dovey. However, the shoot quickly takes a gory and bloody twist.

Inspired by a scene from the movie Alien, Nicole could be seen lying on the ground as an alien bursts from her stomach in a bloody eruption.

Todd could be seen chasing after the alien which tore its way out of its mother.

Later on, the alien is seen getting nursed via a feeding bottle. The couple ended the shoot with a cute family photo.

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