IK Ogbonna single again?… #HUSBANDMATERIAL5oooooooYARDS

IK Ogbonna single again?... #HUSBANDMATERIAL5oooooooYARDS

Rumours have since been going round about the possible breakup of Nollywood actor and model IK Obgonna with his Colombian wife Sonnia Ogbonna. It is important to note that Sonia, who has a cute son – Ace with him, has since dropped his last name on all her social media accounts. She edited her name from Sonia Ogbonna Morales to Sonia LaReina and has stopped wearing her wedding ring.

IK Ogbonna single again?… #HUSBANDMATERIAL5oooooooYARDS

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Recall that IK Ogbonna made a post some time ago, talking about how relationships have their ups and downs without addressing the issue of seperation between himself and his wife.

He has however recently dropped a hint on social media that he’s back in the market.

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He posted this picture of himself on Instagram with the caption: ‘EVERYDAY OPENS UP DOORS TO NEW BLESSINGS. #HUSBANDMATERIAL50000000YARDS.’

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