Fans divided after woman revealed her bare breasts on live television (Photos)

Fans of a popular TV show have been left divided after a woman revealed her bare breasts on live television.

ITV Lorraine launched a campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month called You Know Breast. During a latest episode of the show, the host Lorraine Kelly invited Dr Hilary Jones to do a live examination of breasts to show women how to check for lumps.

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A busty woman was invited onto the show for a live demonstration of how women could examine their breasts at home.

The woman immediately took off her top revealing her bare breasts as Dr Hilary showed women how they could perform the examination.

Viewers were however left divided as to whether the act was appropriate for breakfast television.

One person posted: “Not necessary to show boobs on TV just for a demonstration, could have had an animated video.. Similarly why is a man always talking about woman’s problems.”

But another hit back: “1. He’s a doctor. 2. If you’re offended at a live demonstration to help women check if they have cancer you need help. 3. We should acknowledge how brave that lady was to demonstrate live on air to millions of people, especially when people are stupidly offended by it.”

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A third chipped in: “I’m never at home to watch Lorraine but my sister told me this was happening and I think it’s SO important. Disappointed to see some on Twitter saying it’s inappropriate. EVERYONE HAS BREASTS. EVERYONE CAN GET BREAST CANCER. But rarely are we shown how to check for it.”

A fourth wrote: “See, now if they were doing a segment on testicular cancer and they were doing a demonstration on how to detect it, they’d pre-record it so they can censor the testicles. So why did they do a LIVE segment on a woman? Don’t want to see t*ts on TV at this time.”

A fifth replied: “The amount of prudes on twitter following an important piece of tv, informing women how to check for breast cancer. From women no less.”

Fans divided after woman revealed her bare breasts on live television

Fans divided after woman revealed her bare breasts on live television

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