Burna Boy holds a sold out concert in Kenya despite calling the people peasants

burna boy kenya

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has sold out a concert in Kenya despite calling the people peasants. The last time the dancehall artiste was in the country, he expressed his annoyance at not finding a flight out of the country.

Taking to Twitter, Burna Boy said he had no choice but to remain in Kenya for a while and get used to being entertained by Kenyans whom he called peasants.

Before the show, he was on Twitter ranting that he needed to do an IQ test for anyone coming in for his shows.

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The tweets from the singer got many Kenyans angry as they vowed never to attend any of his shows when next he comes to their country.

However, a recent show he held in the country on the 20th of October was sold out. According to some quarters, the show sold out because the singer later apologized for his choice of words.

The closest to the singer apologizing was a tweet in which he had some nice things to say about Kenya.

Among those who called out Burna Boy to apologize was State House Director of Brand Strategy and Events Big Ted.

On Instagram he said:

“I have run concerts in Kenya for many years and one thing I have seen with many of the even so called “divas” is the respect they accord a visiting country..even in the past when the artist would leave the country without payment they would curse the promoter BUT NEVER the citizens… So I gather that @burnaboygram is in town for another collection from “peasants” first of all on MASHUJAA day…brathe listen our djs may play your songs…we may even dance to it see Kenyans are a cool lot we live with many of your brothers and sisters here happily and chop life together..We slide easy but we don’t forget.. And we are also a very very proud people.. We work hard for every peasent cents we pay to see you…but we also party hard… We may be gullible to the lies and stories told to us by politicians but we are NOT STUPID…we demand an APOLOGY from you yes you @burnaboygram before you take to any stage in this peasant country…”

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Burna Boy holds a sold out concert in Kenya despite calling the people peasants

burna boy kenya

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