Lady gets beaten beyond recognition for refusing to have sex (disturbing picture)

Lady gets beaten beyond recognition for refusing to have sex (disturbing picture)

A 35yrs old  lady, Emma Higginson from Kent, was beaten beyond recognition by a 27yrs  old car sales man identified as Delcan Marshall. The young lady was pounded upon in her Turkish holiday resort room for refusing to have sex with him.

Reports have it that she suffered several fractures to the skull, eye socket and nose as a result of the assault. It is gathered that when her friend found her, her room’s sheets, walls and tiles were all covered in blood, indicating the brutal nature of the assault.

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Speaking from her hospital bed in Marmaris, Emma told The Sun:

“I want everyone to see what this man has done to me.

My mum and sister could barely recognise me. I’m in so much pain.

I’m covered in bruises and I just want to go home but can’t as the doctors say my injuries are too bad to fly.

One of my teeth fell out this morning and I’m going to need plastic surgery to get my face back to normal.

The man who did this to me is an animal. He’s a complete nutter and should be locked up for a long time.”

Emma was with pals when they met Marshall in a nightclub and offered him the sofa to sleep on as a way of helping out.

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Emma said:

“I went to my room and fell asleep but a few minutes later he was in my bed trying to have sex with me.

I said I wasn’t interested.

I remember him saying I had no respect but I said I had a boyfriend. Then he hit me twice and I blacked out. When I woke up I was on the balcony and there was blood everywhere. My friend woke up to me screaming and he ran out of the apartment.”

She added:

“I’ve got 50 stitches, I can’t speak properly and I’m in so much pain.”

Delcan Marshall was however arrested in a nearby hotel after the police used CCTV from the nightclub. He is being held in custody and will be due in court this week.

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         Lady gets beaten beyond recognition for refusing to have sex (disturbing picture)


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