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Gov Kahim Shettima empowers Borno youths with shoemaker kits

Governor of Bornu state, Kashim Shettima, has empowered over 5,000 youths in the state with new improved shoe shining kit, fully equipped with polish & brush.

Below is a social media comment about the State’s government’s effort.

”You see why Nigerians are being impoverished? You see why we must have the Almajiri boys who cares for nothing in Nigeria? You see why we must have suicide bombers in our midst? You see why the Almajiri Schools that were constructed and fully equipped by the last administration, in the North was abandoned by the present administration? You see why somebody like Buhari was made a President irrespective of his notorious paper trial against success? For me, it’s an inhumanity against man to have these present crop of leaders in the helm of affairs.”

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