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Man battles with snake that almost entered his room at night

Man battles with snake that almost entered his room at night



Below is the story of how a Facebook user, Akinboyewa Segun battled with a snake that almost entered his room at night.


After the programme yesterday, I went home weak and hungry… I didn’t have the strength to go out and look for what to eat, so I engaged myself in other activities till it got dark… When I finally got something to eat, I couldn’t eat cos my body was very hot…

So I decided to use mat to lay down a little outside close to my window. But suddenly I got discouraged from doing so, and another thought came in and said “why don’t you take your bath and go eat, since its your body temperature that is hindering you from eating”

I obeyed the voice and took my bath, and after eating I slept off. Not too long a voice started screaming out my name “come! come and see what is on your window” it was my uncle’s wife shouting… I jump out with a cutlass and behold this very snake

I pointed touch light at it and it started looking for a way to escape. And I said to it ” You can never escape!”… I made sure that I smashed the head of the snake until blood started flowing from it head… And yes! I killed it… Even though there was no bush anywhere around my window, I wondered how the snake was able to get that far…

I give glory to God who discouraged me from lying down outside at my window, I don’t know what would have happened… Help Me Thank God oo!!!


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