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This is what happens when a herdsman’s cow is attacked – Abuja man (Photos)

This is what happens when a herdsman’s cow is attacked – Abuja man

herdsmen’s cow


A Nigerian man based in Abuja, Che Oyinatumba, has weighed in on the Fulani herdsmen crisis which has been rocking the country for some time now – after meeting a Fulani cattle rearer earlier today. According to him, when a cow is attacked, the ‘ordinary’ herdsmen will notify the owner of the cow. The owner will now tell armed bandits who will finally raid the attacker’s village or area and wreck havoc.

Che Oyinatumba who shared pictures of his meeting with the herder – said the solution to the herdsmen crisis is honesty and the political will by the federal government.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

To solve herdsmen-community problem, is easy. All that is required is honesty and political will by the Federal Government as; Every cow, has an owner; Every owner knows where his cow is; It is not calculus or atomic physics for Government to know whose cow entered whose farm and the next day a village is raided!!

Here I am with a herdsman; A mere rearer-Caretaker for the own of the cow. He is armed with nothing but a stick and a smile; Attack the cow, he will tell the owner, The owner will tell armed bandits and they will raid your village in the name of this innocent few toothed herdsman!

herdsmen's cow

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