Comedian Alibaba’s TV Show Explains Why Companies Prefer Experienced Hands

Comedian Alibaba’s TV Show Explains Why Companies Prefer Experienced Hands


A TV show hosted by Comedian Alibaba called Vacancy With Alibaba, has come out to explain why most companies prefer to hire experienced hands ahead of those with little or no experience.

The show which brings job seekers and employers together wrote via their Instagram page:

#RepostSave @alibabagcfr with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Why are Nigerians such hypocrites? I posted that a media company needed producers, presenters, marketers and programme developer… And I only said experienced candidates should apply. No mention of years of experience. Now I have 7 people in my DM and 4 in my whatsapp asking why do “You people who have made it always ask for Experience?” Otiiii. I won’t ask for Experience. Why do you think companies poach staff of other companies? I believe in learning on the job. But it’s not when you are in a competitive market. In such cases, you get the experts to lead your team and get those who will be learning on the job, work under that person. If you are going to Abuja and you are all boarded, strapped in, ready for take off and you hear the chief air hostess say, “Please bear with us. We will soon take off. We have a small matter to sort out. Pilots have started the engines as you can hear… but This is the first time the 2 pilots are flying a real plane. They just graduated from flying school. They are going through the manual as I speak. We will be airborne in 10 minutes. For now let’s serve you…” She will not finish that announcement.


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