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Reasons Why Men Must Not Cheat.

Reasons Why Men Must Not Cheat.

There is so much misogyny in the world that some men hold harmful opinions but think those opinions are harmless. Using this thread, I will discuss reasons why men must not cheat.

1) Do Unto Others What You Would Want Others Do To You

If as a man, you don’t want your wife to cheat on you, do not cheat on her. Some women are trustworthy and won’t cheat on you but if you cheat as a man, you may be shooting yourself in the foot whether you like it or not.

2) Women Are Humans

Women are humans and are emotional. One thing that hurts them so much is when the husbands they so much love cheat on them. It is traumatizing! Do not traumatize them!

3) Think About Your Daughters And Their Matrimonial Homes

Do you as a man pray your daughters marry a man like you? Do you pray your daughters marry cheating, heartless men?!

4) The Kids Would Be Emotionally Shattered

Have you seen a shattered glass cup? Were you able to count the number of pieces? In a home in which the husband cheats, the children are shattered as glass cups? Is this what you want for your lovely children?

5) You Could Wipe The Family Off Through A Disease

6) By Engaging In Husband-Must-Cheat Rhetorics, You Feed The Misconception That All Men Cheat

Not all men cheat!



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