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Lady Rescued From Jumping Off CMS Bridge, Lagos In Suicide Attempt

Lady Rescued From Jumping Off CMS Bridge, Lagos In Suicide Attempt

A young girl tried to jump off the bridge in Suicide attempt. the lady was stopped by police officers, bus conductors and drivers who rallied around her, and discouraged her from the dangerous act.

The lady said she was frustrated by her life as her previous employer had sent her away without paying for her services as a house maid.

“This lady was about to commit suicide on CMS bridge, some cars were damaged cos we at first we thought she was blind and then some people rush to hold her and she kept crying, some of us got down from our cars ,trust me to ask questions she said she is fed up of life that she was a house maid, The place she worked last she became sick they took her to a church after they spent almost all her savings on her she told them she wants to leave to go find another job right in the bus now she thought life is not fair to her that she just want to die, ,thanks to NURTW staffs, conductors, Lastma and the Policemen that ran after her, and tried to calm her, talk with her and told her to trust GOD because He is the only one that can help her without demanding for anything in return.

God help us all not to find ourselves in situation that we think suicide as an option in Jesus name, AMEN.


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