Signs That Your Pastor Has Too Much And Doesn’t Need Your Offering – Daddy Freeze

Signs That Your Pastor Has Too Much And Doesn’t Need Your Offering – Daddy Freeze



Did you know that Moses told the people to stop bringing offering as soon as they had enough?

At what point do our pastors start practicing what Moses practiced, when it comes to offering since it doesn’t seem to me that they are practicing what the disciples did with offering in Acts 4:35, where no one owned anything and everyone shared the offering equally, both the disciples and the believers?

Here are signs that your pastor has too much and has received enough offering, so you should stop giving him any money whatsoever!

1: He drives a car of more than 10million Naira.
2: He owns, or is building a house in Banana Island.
3: He wears Gucci/LV up and down and while his wife wears diamonds.
4: His kids are in schools abroad while yours are in local schools
5: He owns a private jet.
6: He owns a school that is not free for members.

Exodus 36:3-7
[2] So Moses summoned Bezalel and Oholiab and all the others who were specially gifted by the LORD and were eager to get to work.[3] Moses gave them the materials donated by the people of Israel as sacred offerings for the completion of the sanctuary. But the people continued to bring additional gifts each morning. [4] Finally the craftsmen who were working on the sanctuary left their work. [5] They went to Moses and reported, “The people have given more than enough materials to complete the job the LORD has commanded us to do!” [6] So Moses gave the command, and this message was sent throughout the camp: “Men and women, don’t prepare any more gifts for the sanctuary. We have enough!” So the people stopped bringing their sacred offerings. [7] Their contributions were more than enough to complete the whole project.

Signs pastor doesn't need offering

Signs pastor doesn't need offering


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