“Holier Than Thou People, Please Let Me Breathe” – Moyo Lawal Comes For Critics

“Holier Than Thou People, Please Let Me Breathe” – Moyo Lawal Comes For Critics



Nollywood Actress, Moyo Lawal, who is known on Instagram for her racy pictures, has come for critics who always find fault in her lifestyle. She wonders why such people don’t criticize International and Local artistes who dress more seductive than her.

Her Instagram post:

Just so we are still on the same table …. I’m an entertainer not an educator …. So it is actually my job to entertain not educate you ….. A responsibility which I believe belongs to your family ,school,religious entity ( however if I do happen to educate you through my gigs all well and good …that however is not my primary objective ). … ………Because I don’t see ya all judging, lambasting or name calling international or even local artists who go semi nude ,striptease ,grind etc on stage ,in their videos or pics (Double standards ..yes) …….. … Anyways moving on …. You can only accuse me of immodest dressing which doesn’t even go skin deep unlike most yes most people with dirty habits such as excessive smoking,drinking ,cheating ,excessive packaging(lying) ,violence …etc…,……..so biko “Holier than thou ” peoples please let me breathe …. #Thankyou …. #ML ….. #Stillthebaddestgoodgirlyouknow ….. P.s if you can’t separate reality from fiction….it is not my fault ooooh #MoyoLawal ….had to repeat it …maybe i should post one more time sef third time could do the charm


moyo lawal

moyo lawal

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