”Corruption Is The Biggest Religion In Nigeria” – Rev Yomi Kasali

”Corruption Is The Biggest Religion In Nigeria” – Rev Yomi Kasali

Rev Yomi Kasali



”The problem of Nigeria is corruption”. Those are the words of Senior Pastor of Foundation of Truth Assembly(FOTA), Rev Yomi Kasali, who posted a video on Instagram in which he stated that corrupt money is what is used to build Cathedrals in the Country.

Transcript of his words below.

”The problem of Nigeria is corruption. The Yorubas are very corrupt. Igbos are terribly corrupt. Hausas are monumentally corrupt. Corruption is the biggest religion in Nigeria. Christians 5%, Muslims 49%, corruption 98%. There’s no meeting in Nigeria that they don’t do opening prayer. When corrupt people sit to do meeting as Governors… ”shall we do prayer?”… ”who’s praying? Oya, Governor this, do prayer”.

We have even corrupted religion. If you see a man of God that loves money, I’m telling you today, he’s not worshiping God. The Church too is involved. The cathedrals we are building is built with corruption loot. It’s not tithe and offering. It’s government money”.



Rev Yomi Kasali

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