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Pictures Of Refuse Build-Up At Tinubu Square, Lagos

Pictures Of Refuse Build-Up At Tinubu Square, Lagos



Below are pictures showing refuse build-up at the popular Tinubu Square in Lagos Island.

The pictures were shared by a Facebook user with the quote below.

I was at Tinubu square this afternoon and was very surprised to see this refuse dumped on the road that was neatly constructed by the past administration with tax payers money, to complement the beauty of the square, when I made an enquiry, I was told that has been the practice, haaa! This is CBD ( Central Business District) for crying out loud, when I was born in the late 60s, Town council was packing our refuse for free, down the line, government still carrying our refuse for free, its not proper, Lagos-Island West shd please as a matter of urgency approve some private collector to charge individual for their refuse collection, and monitor them closely, cus this is “eyesore” and Health Hazard, better still, if West cannot handle this, let the square be ceded to East Dev. Area which the secretariat is stone throw from that spot, Itesiwaju Eko Lojewa Logun !!!


tinubu square

tinubu square

tinubu square


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