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See Why You Don’t Need Riches To Get A Girl

See Why You Don’t Need Riches To Get A Girl



Everyday, I come across posts on social media speaking of how guys need to become rich so that they can get girls. Such posts often make guys feel dejected like they are no good just cos they are not rich. Some even become scared that they will never get married because they are not rich. Do guys really need riches to get a girl? Let’s see about that.

The fact that you are not rich doesn’t mean you are poor. Also, the fact that your pockets and bank accounts are dry still doesn’t mean you are poor or can’t be rich. You are only poor if you wasted the early years of your life doing nothing. What saddens me the most is that undergraduates allow talks of not being rich prevent them from chatting up girls. The fact that you are an undergraduate or a graduate is enough to tell you that your future is bright. You’ve done enough from kindergarten up to that level, now is time for the reward. But even with the reward coming in, some people still feel the only way they can get girls is by being stupidly rich. What’s really their problem?

What you need to get a girl is just a simple life that is above being poor. Even poor people are getting girls, just that it depends. But to get tonnes of girls falling at your feet, you need to be really rich and willing to spend. The question now is, do you really need tonnes of girls? No! All you need is just one girl. The surprising thing is that the girl for you is actually searching for a man with your qualities, same qualities you think are not desirable. You never see the potential in yourself because of the fact that you have allowed your brain to be programmed into believing that you have to be rich before you can get a girl.

Now, what are your qualities? It could  be you being a fresh graduate, a new entrepreneur or someone learning a skill. What girls want is a moving bus. What you just have to do is make yourself a moving bus cos nobody wants to hop into a bus with a deflated tire. But girls also love men who fly in the sky with their private jets. Mind you, if every human is allowed to own a private jet, the sky wont contain us all. That’s why some have to be rich, some average while others poor. You are not poor cos you are already a moving bus. So, drive it to the right place cos that girl is waiting at the bus stop.

Now, if everyone is not destined to be rich, what do you think will happen to girls who live in a fantasy world and go about rejecting guys like you while thinking they will marry a rich man? They will end up giving themselves to guys like you after dumping their fantasy dream of marrying a rich man. But if you fail to make yourself a moving bus, then such girls will still reject you.

I believe those who hold strongly to the believe that richies is all you need to get girls are those who are highly insecure about themselves. Perhaps, they have some deformity or they are too ugly, so they think money can make girls overlook such. Yes, but not all girls want a guy for money. So, if you continue holding to that belief without doing anything positive, then you might allow that mentality to lead you into fraud (yahoo yahoo), rituals and something that might end you in jail. You don’t need all the girls in the world just the same way you are not needed by all of them, even if you are rich. All you need is just that one girl to make you happy.

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