10 Pictures Of Cooking Gone Wrong

10 Pictures Of Cooking Gone Wrong



No1. First who dumps the spaghetti in the pot without breaking to size and how exactly did the fire climb so high?

No2. When you’re trying to fry 3 eggs but the cost of vegetable oil is on the high

No3. When she’s watching her series and don’t want to miss the next scene – anything in the way pays…

No4. Cant believe even boiling of eggs needs tutoring – just boil the water for 2 minutes please.

No5. When the timer rings, but you ain’t satisfied with the outcome – you push the bread back in.

No6. OK- we understand, Black is Beauty

No7. When the eateries are ‘over-charging’ and you claim Home-made is the best

No8. We’re all guilty here, until you burn the rice; you’ve not started cooking rice. lol

No9. How long those it take to get your beans burnt? This person must have taken a trip oversea and back

No10. Hire a professional, you don’t have to do it every-time.

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