3 Nigerian Musicians Who Love To Flaunt Their Smoking Lifestyle

3 Nigerian Musicians Who Love To Flaunt Their Smoking Lifestyle




Puff puff pass, that’s the name of the game and below are 3 Nigerian Musicians who love to flaunt their smoking lifestyle like iz nothin’.

I’ll advice you don’t imitate their lifestyle cos these dudes are rich enough to treat Cancer if their smoking lifestyle leads to it. Some of them just puff for the camera and so might not really be chain smokers.

If Davido’s phantom 30 Billion box can’t be enough to sort himself out, the OBO will definitely get help from the baba olowo. Wizkid can definitely get help from the foreign Musicians he currently hobnobs with. I understand Burna Boy’s case concerning puffing in that he’s always in the midst of reggae/dancehall Musicians who smoke like chimneys. Such friends of his will only advice him to smoke some more if he ever gets an issue. Lol

What about you?


Well, I’m done boring you. Just enjoy the pictures below. Mind you, they are not meant for you to imitate.


1. Davido


smoking lifestyle

2. Wizkid
smoking lifestyle

smoking lifestyle

3. Burna Boy
smoking lifestyle


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