Princess Vitarah And Speed Darlington’s Fake Beef Is On

Princess Vitarah And Speed Darlington’s Fake Beef Is On

Recently, Princess Vitarah approached , Speed Darlington to stage a beef between them which would gain them both more followers.

princess vitarah

However, the ‘Superstar’ artiste called her out on for it, posting screenshots of the chat that ensued between them via Instagram Direct Message (DM).


Princess Vitarah had kept mum about the whole situation till yesterday when she posted a video online, addressing the stories of beef. She said Speed is just a comedian who turned to music because his career refused to take off.

Also, she stated that she will always favour self-acclaimed Snapchat King, Bobrisky over Speed Darlington.

Apparently, it seems like both parties are making good of their deal. We can’t help but watch the drama unfold.


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