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Man Breaks His Leg After Saving His Fiance From A Speeding Car (Photos)

Man Breaks His Leg After Saving His Fiance From A Speeding Car (Photos)




A man was photographed seconds after he heroically pushed his fiancée out of the way of a white supremacist’s car in Charlottesville Saturday.

Marcus Martin, 26, was a counter-protester at the tragic day’s events, marching the streets with his fiancée Marissa Blair, 27, and their friends.

When a Dodge Challenger suddenly rammed into the crowd, Martin didn’t hesitate to push his bride-to-be out of the way, resulting in him being hit by the accelerating vehicle.

Martin was photographed in mid-air seconds after he saved Blair’s life, and other photos reveal that when the car backed up over him, his shoe was dragged off.

Amazingly, Martin survived the ‘intentional’ car crash but sustained a broken leg in the horrific incident, as Blair live-streamed the entire event on Facebook.

Speaking exclusively to the, Blair revealed the moment Martin pushed her out of the way, saying: ‘He saved me then he was under the car.’ Culled from: dailymail


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