Celebrity Tattoo Artist, Bizzyaski Believes Tattoos Are Not A Sin

Celebrity Tattoo Artist, Bizzyaski Believes Tattoos Are Not A Sin

Celebrity Tattoo artist, Bizzyaski has taken to his social media to explain why he believes tattoos are not a sin.

Just a week ago, he was quoted as saying one of his foremost customers, Tonto Dikeh should not erase her tattoos because of her new-found faith. He posited that Jesus doesn’t care if a Christian has tattoos and that He would love the tattoos on Tonto Dikeh.

However, his opinion was met with a lot of criticism.

Thus, the artist who has also worked with the likes of  Iyanya, Lil Kesh, Iyabo Ojo, and Charly Boy had this to say on Instagram;

Dear  Nigerians, when are we going to stop being hypocritical. Tattoos are just  body arts for God sake.It’s funny how we care so much about what is outside rather than what is inside. Jesus said in the book of Mark 7:15 and i quote “Nothing outside a person can defile them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.” This is what i meant when i said, Jesus loves Tonto Dikeh’s tattoos. Tattoos are not demonic and tattoos are not sinful. I am a devout christian and i go to church regularly. Many of our elderlies use to get tattoos in those days and it used to be part of our culture. Some of these elderlies still have  tattoos of birds, scorpions etc on parts of their bodies. Some educated Nigerians who took part in the bashing should really question their education. #tattoosarenotdemonic

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