Thanks To Photoshop, Actress Oge Okoye Now Looks Curvy

Thanks To Photoshop, Actress Oge Okoye Now Looks Curvy


Nollywood Actress, Oge Okoye is gradually becoming Social Media’s resident faker as she shared a picture which shows she did some photoshop to her hip just to appear curvy. Sadly, the stripes on the gate behind her gave her away as the poor editor of the picture couldn’t prevent the stripes from having the same kind of effect he or she placed on her hip.

This is not the first time Oge Okoye has been caught faking things on social media. Few weeks ago, she was questioned by her fans on Instagram for posting a picture that showed her looking like she was putting on some butt pad. Before that, she was busted for posting pictures of some toy breed of dogs with claims of owning them until the real owner called her out. Perhaps, her motto is ”fake it till you make it”.

Wait o!

The bent stripes on the gate might not actually be due to photoshop but due to the handwork of a poorly skilled Welder Man. Abeg na lie.


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