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Son Dumps Mothers Corpse On The Street

Unable to afford her burial, jobless son dumps mom’s corpse on the street

A dead mother was found decomposing on the street after her son dumped her on the side of the road because he couldn’t afford to bury her. .

The unnamed 70-year-old had ‘fluids oozing from her body’ after being left by her unemployed son, 30, who had initially kept his mum for three days in his flat. .

When the body began to decay, the man decided to take his mother’s body to a street in the city of Saratov, in Russia ‘s Saratov Oblast region. .

The jobless man left his mother covered in boxes on a dolly, having wheeled her out into the street to rot by the side of the road. .

But the platform with wheels was subsequently stolen by a thief, and the elderly woman’s body thrown into the middle the road. .

Shocking pictures show the abandoned body lying in the middle of the street, clearly decomposing. Police launched an investigation after her body was discovered at 3am. .

They believe she died on Thursday and they are currently carrying out an autopsy to identify the cause of death. It is proving a difficult task for the authorities because the body is already badly decomposed. It is unknown whether the son, who lived off his mum’s pension, has been charged.

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