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Just Got Dumped? Now What?


So you just got dumped, or you just ended your relationship and you are asking yourself? What next? So many women often wonder, what did I do? What went wrong? Why isn’t he attracted to me anymore? Ladies worry no more, there is absolutely nothing wrong in a man walking away from you. Like my friend Wendy always says, ‘You will be alright jor’, absolutely positively yes. It’s actually better he walks than he stays and leave you more miserable

Now instead of sulking and wallowing in the break-up, you need you get yourself together, close that door and prep yourself to be the sexiest, most attractive girl (Physically and Intellectually), that any guy would love to date.

Here are 3 simple steps to help you snap out of it..

Step 1: Closure.

This is having a sincere, significant and non-spiteful or condemning discussion with yourself or your spouse about why the relationship ended. I’m not talking about that whole ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ typa ish’. Recognize your role in why the relationship ended, apologize and let go.

Step 2: Reset your mind-set.

Now a relationship can make feel sorry for yourself, especially if you were dumped. You tend to think there was something wrong with you that led to the break-up. That’s just a lot of negative energy to absorb which will make you bitter and angry. Find some humour in the break -up and get on with your life. Reassure yourself that you are beautiful and worthy of genuine love from the right guy at the right time. Remember it’s his loss to have left you.

Step 3: Get the most attractive body ever.

How about you start feeling good about yourself, yea? This is a great confidence booster. Hit the gym, take a course,  snatch that body with a good waist trainer, eat a lot of fruit and veggies and apply a good moisturizer to make your skin glow. Find your new happy place and bask in it.

Remember there is nothing as sexy as a woman with a banging body, a great mind-set, clothed with confidence and sass.

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