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Dear Future Husband – 10 Things I Need You to Know Right Now

Dear future husband – Here are 11 things I need you to know right now


The dating game is hard in these times, marriage seems even harder. The baby mama trend has kicked off in full gear and “seems” to pay the most. There are a lot of people who are torn between remaining single or getting married. However, good old fashioned me, still wants to fulfill that dream of getting married and still believe in the idea, so dear future husband, while you are working at the office,  or chilling at a bar drinking with friends or attending a conference in Germany or just lying in bed taking a nap, here are a few things I want you to know before we say our I do’s.


  1. Ask my dad for my hand in marriage ASAP.

And my mum, too, while you are at it. Abeg!! What are you waiting for. How many yoruba demons do i need to date before you show up. Plus i know surprise proposals are a big trend right now, but I’m still a little old school and believe in our values as Africans, that my parents’ consent are vital in making marriage decisions. If you are that great he would definitely say yes!

  1. Plan a romantic proposal

This doesn’t have to be a bellanaija weddings type of proposal, but if you have the money, a girl can not say no. Just let it be obvious that a lot of thought was put in, when you wanted to ask one of the most important questions of your life ….and make sure you get the spelling of marry correct.

  1. Have a mum who likes me

And my food too! We do not have to be besties that go shopping every weekend or gist over a bottle of wine. I just want her to like me, especially more than she liked you ex-girlfriend(s) and not see me as a threat to your love for her.

  1. Please don’t be a Mama’s boy

Although I want her to like me, I can’t have her coming in the way of what’s supposed to be our beautiful relationship. I mean, I’m not one of those mean Nigerian girls who wants their mother-in-law dead before marriage. Just know that you can always come to mummy (me) when you need some good good loving.

  1. Have a lot of sex with me

You know that I gotta-have-you-right-now- kind of sex, that’s what I’m talking about. I might be homely and modest on the outside, but I want to be your freak in the sheets, your guilty pleasure, your main and side chic, the sexiest woman you’ll ever been with. I’m also down for the phone sex and sexting.

Oh, I want to have babies too! When they come I still want to be physically connected to you. I promise to make an effort even when I’m really exhausted, I hope you’ll will too

  1. Say and write loving things to me

I’m absolutely in love with words, especially loving words, like “I just transferred some money into your account” “I think it’s time to change your car” “What Country will you like to visit this summer”. Abeg ooo, before you start to call me materialist, allow a girl to dream abeg. A simple ‘I love you’ will do once in a while but I will also settle for a few of the above messages here and there.

  1. Listen to me over-communicate and nag about everything

It’s not news that we (women) like to talk a lot, so don’t be surprised when i over talk or nag. I know it’s irrational, emotional and often unnecessary, but if I don’t do it, i am not fulfilling my calling as a woman. I will try to shut up once in a while, but when my mouth is open, open your ears. Lol

  1. Be passionate about something

I am not talking about sports and fanaticism o. I don’t want to live in a red house because you are an Arsenal fan or trip over cables because of your video game addiction. I just want to support whatever you want to do and be a part of. Just have something you love besides me. (Or football)

  1. Don’t tell me I look fat  

I know I get might fat one day, but when I come out of our bedroom for some special event (you know…like in those foreign movies) Abeg! Abeg!! Abeg ooooo, don’t say you are looking fat. Go for words like sexy, curvy, voluptuous.

  1.   Be Vocal about your opinion

I want to be in love with your mind, your heart, what you stand for, what pisses you off, what makes you unique, what turns you on — I want to savor everything. So tell me everything. Share your life with me.

        11. Have a lot of MONEY

Who am i kidding? Money is the root of all evil they say, but money also answereth all things. It’s better to cry in a G-wagon than in a danfo bus.

So where ever you are, this girl is tired of waiting, SHOW UP!!!



Authors note: Don’t be too serious and critical of the post, laugh a little…

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