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5 Pictures That Mock The Flood Situation In Lekki

5 Pictures That Mock The Flood Situation In Lekki


Big man and Big problem! That’s exactly the situation residents of Lekki and Victoria Island areas of Lagos State are in as both areas are heavily flooded at the moment. As we all know, Nigerians are quick to create excitement from their sufferings due to their ”shuffering and shmiling” mentality. Memes have been flying around concerning the flood which has seen people abandon their expensive cars to board canoes just to find their way in and out of what is known as a Big Man’s Area. I think canoes can only be afforded by the richest of the richest on the island right now, while those that are way below in the pecking order have turned themselves into frogs as they leap and hop about. They should all just become fishes. Let me not bore you with my Mainland boy talk, just enjoy the few pictures below.


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