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The Numbers Girls Hold In Birthday Pictures Might Not Be Their Age. See Why

The Numbers Girls Hold In Birthday Pictures Might Not Be Their Age. See Why


Recently, the Nigerian social media scene has been flooded with birthday pictures of girls whom people think are way older than the age “they” portray. A girl who looks way close to 30yrs or above can be seen posing with number shaped balloons, one shaped as number 1 while the other number might be 7. If she holds the numbers in such a way that it says 71 in the picture, viewers will never believe she’s 71 cos such a girl will hardly look 40, not to talk of 71yrs old. The argument starts when the numbers are held in such a manner that shows 17, which might imply she’s 17yrs old. “How can she be 17yrs old when a 37yr old me looks younger than her?” Such is the kind of comments you find on the wall of the birthday girl. We all know that naija girls love to lie about their age. A girl of 28yrs old can claim she’s 19 even when she looks 32. Perhaps, that is why social media was quick to rubbish all the birthday pictures showing girls holding numbers.

Well, I almost joined the bandwagon when I saw a picture of a girl who looked liked she is in her twenties but holding a number 9 balloon in her birthday picture. The comment section made me change my mind cos she made it clear that the number 9 balloon she held represents the 9th of June, her birthday date.

So for all those who love to bash girls holding numbers like 12, 15 and sweet 16, pls think twice cos that might not be their Age but the day of the month they were born. Check the pictures below.




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