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Mules Are Changing The Fashion Scene

The first time I laid my eyes on Mules, I fell in love immediately. All I could think of were these pair of beautiful shoes on my foot, trust me I couldn’t help but to bag a piece. Let me give you a piece of advice, whenever you walk into a fashion store and you fall in love with something, ensure that you bag it if you have enough cash so that you do not regret it later. I have been there I have been there, so i know how it feels.

Lets get back to our Mules-discussion. You might have seen many fashionistas rocking this trend recently, but this beautiful backless shoe style made its first debut in the 16th century, rolling it over to the 50’s, 60’s and 90’s, it regaining its utmost popularity in the 2000’s. It was revamped by fashion brands, it became extremely stylish, very fancy and we got hooked! One of the things I love about the mules is the versatility, there is pair for everybody, you can opt for a pair of flat mules, heeled, open toe, embellished and the list is endless.

Let me tell you why I think Mules are changing the fashion scene.

1. First of all, wearing Mules is effortless and gives you that laid back look, it is easy to get in out of it  and you do not have to try hard too look like and ‘easy chic.

2. Mules come in very interesting designs and you can never go wrong in rocking an unique piece. Unique piece raises your shoe game

3. Brightly coloured mules are the best pieces to acquire. If you have always longed to wear loud colours and not look funny, a pair of mules with the colour of you desire will do the trick because it will be the object f focus

4. Because we love to rock the fab lane, our outfit becomes very busy and we love it! But if you want to strike a balance, you can tone it down with pair simple mules and you are good to go!

Which ever way you decide to rock your mules, ensure that you steal the show because there is a wide range of mule shoes to rock!

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