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Meet The German Model On A Mission to transform into a Black Woman


Ex-Air hostess and German model Martina Big has been on a mission for the past couple of months to transform herself into the “most tanned barbie doll”. She is going for an “exotic” look and her end goal is to fully transform into a black woman.

As a result, she has undergone surgery to get fuller lips, dark skin and much bigger breasts.

She has been featured in several magazines during the course of her transformation and one magazine called her “Tanorexic” with an addiction that is out of control.

In May 2017, she posted on her Facebook Page:

My new Hairs and my next Fill up:
I have good news
I have made the next step in my transformation to a black woman.
I was at the hairdresser and he had coloured my hair black.
My natural hair colour was medium brown.
In the past 14 years, I had bleached my hair to light blond again and again.
I loved my light blond hair about everything
After my transformation in January, I noticed not only my skin was getting darker but also my hairline, my eyebrow and my eyes.
My hair was no longer medium brown but black.
At first I compensated this with bleaching more intensive.
But then I noticed that after the transformation has changed not only my appearance but also my feelings and beauty ideals. Gradually, I realized that my light blonde hair would no longer fit my new I. Therefore, I decided to support my body in the transformation and let coloured my hair black. Since black is now my natural hair colour, I don’t need further colourings in the future.
Since I now do not have any extension shortly after the colouring, my hair is shorter than usual.
However, my hair is not finished yet. I have to wait a few weeks for my hair to regenerate. Then my hairdresser will make permanent, small, African curls in my hair.
This will followed by the hair extension with long, natural, African, curly hair.
But not only my hair I will change. I also will change to the other beautiful, qualities of the black women. In particular, my face and my buttocks I would like to adjust.
For the first steps, I have an appointment with my surgeon on Monday.
I’ll start with the full lips.
But independently, to my transformation to a black woman, I will also let my breasts continue to inflate. Therefore I will have on Monday also my next breast fill up ?
I hope it will be as big as possible.

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