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Man Narrates How Badoo Started In Ikorodu, Calls Out Security Agents

A resident of the Ikorodu community, Rasheed Adedeji Fatuga, posted these photos from the first attack carried out by the notorious cult group, Badoo in Ikorodu in July 2016 on Facebook. Fatuga said it is shameful that after almost a year, the activities of the Ikorodu Badoo terror group have not been put to an end. On Facebook, he posted:


#Throwback to JULY 16, 2016 when the Notorious Badoo Gang just started their Nefarious Activities in Ibeshe, Ikorodu.
Today’s date is June 24, 2017, and the Deadly actions still go on.
Shame! Shame!! Shame!!! On all Concerned / Constituted Authorities in Ikorodu for not neutralising this evil acts up till now!
And to the Beautiful People of Ikorodu: Keep Praying and Keep Watching.
Be Security Conscious!
Do not lose your guard!
#Badoo is Real.
They are a Network.
Alfas, Pastors might be among, even Females will be among them.
Do not trust anyone, watch who you talk to and watch what you say outside!
#ProudlyIkoroduAmbassadors #SayNoToAllFormsOfViolence #Peace”.

The Photos shared are the very first victims of the Badoo attacks in Ikorodu

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