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Intending Couples to Undergo HIV, Genotype Tests & Get Insecticide Treated Nets in Sokoto

Intending couples in Sokoto will soon be mandated to undergo Genotype, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B tests, including getting insecticide-treated nets, the state’s commissioner of health, Dr. Balarabe Kakale has said.

In a statement made at a ceremony to mark the 2017 World Sickle Cell Day, Kakale said the ministry will also organise a seminar for stakeholders to discuss further on the suitability of the law with regards to Islam and culture.

“The ministry will thereafter sponsor a private bill to the state House of Assembly in this direction. The bill, after its debate and passage by the state House of Assembly and sign into law by the state governor, will make it compulsory for intending couples to undergo the sickle cell test. This is to further reduce the prevalence of the disease in the state and the country as a whole.”

He said that under the law, they would also be compelled to enroll for the state community contributory health scheme and use the long-lasting insecticide treated nets.

The law would also include a compulsory enrollment in the state contributory health scheme, with provisions for hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, liver, kidney and heart-related diseases, as well as bone fractures caused by road traffic crashes.

The ceremony was organised by the State Ministry of Health and an NGO, The Productive Youth Development Initiative.

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