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Difference Between Foreign Crime Scene And Nigerian Crime Scene (Pictures)

Difference Between Foreign Crime Scene And Nigerian Crime Scene




Picture 1 shows a crime scene in a Western Country. Notice how Police officers stand behind the yellow Police Line that says ”DO NOT CROSS”. They are going to remain there to ward off onlookers who might want to interfere with evidence in the enclosed area before Forensic comes.


Picture 2 shows Forensic covering a dead body with a white blanket. They are the only ones who can cross the Yellow tape to study the crime scene for evidence. Notice how they wore protective gear e.g Lab coats and gloves so as to avoid leaving their fingerprints on the evidence. They wont leave until they finish dusting the place for clues. A finger nail found in the area will be picked up for evidence.


Enter Nigeria. Picture 3 shows a Bank robbery scene in Nigeria in which one of the robbers was gunned down by a security personnel. Notice the high level of carelessness even with Police officers around. First thing I noticed is the handling of evidence- the robber’s gun- by a man not on uniform nor putting on gloves.Second is a uniformed man walking over the dead man and almost looking like he stepped on his blood. Thirdly, no Yellow tape to keep onlookers away from the crime scene. Lastly, we don’t know who the crowd behind the police officers are and why they are too close to the crime scene. I hope we get things right in this part of the world. RIP to the brave officer who gunned down one of the robbers.



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