YouTube awards Chris Brown with Diamond Play Button on attaining 10 million Subscribers

Pop superstar Chris Brown has been awarded with a Diamond Play Button as he recently attained 10 million followers on his YouTube channel.

The Diamond Play Button is the highest award on YouTube and it is given to a YouTuber that surpasses the 10 million subscribers mark. Other awards include the Gold Play Button for YouTubers who surpass the 1 million mark and the Silver Play Button for YouTubers who surpass the 100,000 mark. However, one YouTuber, PewDiePie was given a ruby trophy in the shape of his channel’s logo for attaining 50 million subscribers.

Chris Brown shared a photo of the letter sent to him by the CEO of YouTube on his Instagram page. The letter read:

Dear Chris Brown,

At a hundred thousand, we thought: Not Bad. That’s a healthy new channel

At one million, we thought: Wow, this creator’s got something pretty awesome going on.

But 10 million? At this point we’re scratching our heads. How the heck did you DO that? 10 million subscribers isn’t just a lot of people, it’s more than the entire population of New York City!

The fact is, you’re no longer a great channel. You’re a movement. You’ve clearly touched a nerve in the world, and you’ve found a legion of fans who expect -and receive- great things from you.

We hope you’ll accept this Diamond Play Button as a woefully inadequate token of our appreciation,and our respect for what you’ve accomplished.

You amaze us and inspire us everyday. Keep it coming.


CEO, YouTube

See photos of the letter and the Diamond Play Button below:

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