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Street Style – 5 Ways To Style Your Modern Kimono

Whoop whoop….! Summer 17 is here and we are happy that Kimono is still among the top style hit for summer. I am so excited to be writing about this because kimono is one of my favorite trend. It is super easy, comfy and it adds that chic vibe to your style. You feel me? *wink*

The history of Kimono can be traced back to Japan, where it was initially worn as an overall outfit made out of heavy fabric. It was not seen as comfortable in the past because of the heavy material it is made from. But the moment fashion turned its eye towards the Kimono it became everything and more.

Trust me, owning a kimono will help you escape some major wardrobe malfunction. I have been there and I know what it feels like on days with no inspiration to mix and match outfits.  So, if you do not have one, I do not know what you are waiting for.

There are many ways to rock the modern kimono style but I will be showing you the top five ways as seen on fashionistas.

1. Be Printastic –  Prints makes your style come alive, this is why you should opt for kimono’s with prints. They usually come in a major burst of colours, dipped in interesting floral prints and patterns . If you will be wearing one of this kind, all you need to do is tone it down on the inside, limit the colours of the inner outfit so that it doesn’t clash.



2. Less is More –  The Kimono itself is a very exotic outfit, one that comes in beautiful colours, different length, sizes , prints, patterns and so on. Despite it being very casual, it  adds that perfect dose of chic to your look. You can wear a simple jumpsuit or a sleeveless tank top. Just play by the rules and you will still look very amazing.



3. Invest in colours – If you are to invest in a kimono with bright colours, ensure that it is plaid, void of prints and other distractions. It adds some ‘umph’ to your outfit when the Kimono comes in  single colours. You can also get creative by adding a style twist when you dress it up.


4. Wear Statement Jewelry Pieces  –  Girl, you better go wild when it comes to accessories lol, but not too wild though. Enhance your look with statement filled jewelry, dainty pieces that gives that kick ass look. Jewelries will helps your outfit make the most statement.


5. Do it The Boho-Chic Way – The law that applies to doing it the boho way reveals that ‘the longer your Kimono, the better’. Achieving a boho chic look requires that you go for long lengths and accents. It gives off a layered look when you pair up a long kimono with wide leg pants or a free size long skirt. This look is pretty easy.

This trend, is a definite must have and remember to share your best kimono style moments with us.

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