”Okocha, The Only No.10 Shirt I’ve Always Admired”- Ronaldinho

”Okocha, The Only No.10 Shirt I’ve Always Admired”- Ronaldinho


Few hours ago, we posted a picture of Jay Jay Okocha Seen Together With Ronaldinho And Valdarama. In it we stated that it was rumored that Okocha was a huge influence on Ronaldinho’s playing style when both footballers were at Paris St Germain FC, with Ronaldinho still a youngster then. Many waved it off, mostly because they feel Ronaldinho grew more famous than Jay Jay, which is a surface view of the matter. Well, Ronaldinho has taken to Twitter to declare that Austin Jay Jay Okocha is the only No.10 shirt he always admired. I guess this puts to rest the doubts from Thomas as Ronaldinho just placed Jay Jay above Maradona and Pele in his life. This alone shows that Okocha will always be regarded irrespective of the fact that he didn’t win any Ballon d’or.

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