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Nigerians, The New Hypocrites

Nigerians have fostered the habit of hypocrisy, we have reached a point where we tend to worship those who have dragged our country into murky waters of ignoble failure.

When will we embrace reality, when will we stop stop living in a mirage. Whenever we come in contact with with our corrupt leaders, we worship them, give them preferential treatment and act as if all is well and good. When will we stop the act and demand for change. These politicians have seen us as jokers, because we have shown them that we are cowards. We have become timid, our actions are controlled by fear, all we do is echo because we do not a voice.

Nigerians are known to rant and rave endlessly. We have used the social media as a platform to kick against indiscipline but we never take action in reality. No one is ready to stand for truth and justice. We have suddenly become comfortable with mediocre to the extent that we are ever ready to associate ourselves with corruption. Some of you are quick to pull out your phones for a quick selfie with people that have tarnished the image of your country, it simply shows the standard of your morals. Shame on the citizens, hypocrisy runs in our DNA, no one is ready to make the change and stand for the truth.

This should be a wake up call for everyone. How have you contributed to the growth of your nation? Are you encouraging bad eggs or do you kick against indiscipline? The growth of a country doesn’t rest in the hands of the government alone but also in the hands of the citizens. Will you stand for the truth or remain a coward?

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