Flaws In The Report By Dailymail.net On Rita Ibeni And Bishop Kwakpovwe

Flaws In The Report By Dailymail.net On Rita Ibeni And Bishop Kwakpovwe

I came across a report by dailymail.net.ng concerning the blackmail case involving Rita Ibeni and Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe of our daily manna. Reading through the article, I couldn’t help but notice some flaws in it. Excerpts from the report are in quote. 



A blackmailer who claims to be a journalist has landed in Kirikiri Maximum Prison attempting to extort money from a popular clergy in Lagos through blackmail. Ohio Ojeagbase, 38, walked into the net of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, after perfecting his extortion plot on Bishop (Dr.) Chris Kwakpovwe, the General Overseer of the Manna Prayer Mountain and publisher of the daily devotional, Our Daily Manna. He was arrested alongside a Lagos-based lawyer, Barr. Uche Iloani accused of working together with Mr. Ohio who owns Probiters Report.


Right here, we are told that her accomplice includes a Barrister and a Reporter. If she’s truly a blackmailer, then she’s well equipped

Trouble started for Ohio and his accomplice after they had planted a lady in Bishop Kwapovwe’s ministry to function as a staff whose job was to feed them with information that could facilitate their blackmail plans on the clergy.

Right here, we are told that the lady, Rita Ibeni, was planted as a mole to feed the blackmailers with needed information about their target, Bishop Chris. Their plan is to blackmail.

Rita Ibeni, the staff, who worked in the media department of the ministry for about five years, was fingered after a massive looting of the ODM Video Unit of media and video equipment worth N5.6 million. The main suspect and other departmental staffers were arrested. When she was confronted with evidence of the theft, she absconded from the church office. This prompted her arrest at the instance of the ministry and a case was filed at Area H Police Command, Ogudu, Lagos.

Right here, we are told that Rita Ibeni looted the church’s equipments. If truly, then it means she veered off the plan to blackmail. This doesn’t seem to add up, cos for her to have laid low as a mole in the church for 5yrs and working with a Barrister, she must be a professional blackmailer who cant be carried away from their plan by something as mere as 5 Million Naira equipments.

However, as soon as Rita Ibeni was granted bail, the story took a new twist as Mr. Ohio went to work. He wrote a letter to Bishop Kwakpovwe claiming that the latter tried to oppress one of his staffers and that they were going to publish a story in that regard which could finish the ODM Vision which has affected millions of lives across the Globe. According to him, “Whatever we tell the public will be believed since we have 250 million online membership.” He demanded millions of naira from the man of God if he wanted the story killed.

Where is the proof of the letter said to be written by the Barrister? Is it with the Police or still with the Bishop? Did the dailymail.net.ng see the letter before writing about it? Nothing of such is stated. Perhaps, this is just a write up to sway the gullible.

Ohio Ojeagbase claimed he and his accomplice had recorded verbal (audio) conversations between Rita and the bishop where the man of God made sexual advances at the former. However, further probe and forensic examination later, revealed that the recording was fake as the fabricated voice was not the bishop’s.

Who carried out the forensic examinations? The Police or who? Nothing is stated. Yet, they expect us to believe this report over the circulated recordings.

After series of accusations and threats to publish negative story of sexual harassment and threat to life concerning the Bishop and even threats of kidnap of his loved ones by other faceless members of the group, they demanded settlement to avoid the story going viral, claiming it was not their intention to damage the image of the revered man of God. They also told the bishop they had done a “human google” on him and they knew his worth! At that point, the bishop “smelled a rat” and quickly reported the matter to the police.

Sounds more like what they want you to swallow without seeing proof of.

The suspects also gave the man of God the option of handing in original copies of his property documents that they would help him facilitate quick loan from a bank so he could make the payment without stress. That was when the Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe went back to the police to lodge complaints. The police then advised that further calls, SMS or meetings be electronically recorded as evidence, and that was done.

Yes, it was done and we are to believe that the Bishop’s own recordings are real while Rita Ibeni’s own is cloned?

We gathered that Mr. Ohio had earlier blackmailed many clergymen and businessmen in the country. The suspects, according to information made available to us, were in the habit of planting people in the homes and offices of wealthy men and women, clergy men, business men and women to plan how to blackmail and extort money them eventually.

No name of the clergy nor wealthy men they have blackmailed. We are to just believe so cos they said so.

Speaking on the incident at the court premises, the bishop told journalists that he knew that this was a plot to DISTRACT him from the LOOTED VIDEO EQUIPMENT’S CASE, Blackmail/Extort money (millions) from him and discredit him as a man of God, but his proactive approach to get to the bottom before they carried out their nefarious acts stopped them in their tracks. He said he never made any advances and can never do so with the suspected looter of the video unit (the former employee).

Here, the Bishop is stating that they came up with the idea of blackmail so as to distract him from the looted equipments. Professional blackmailers will back out of a plan the moment one of them veers off the plan, as seen in the cased of Rita allegedly stealing church equipments. No serious blackmailing team equipped with a Barrister and Journalist will go ahead with such a plan after a member has been arrested for something else.

“I am used to such satanic fabrications, gang-ups, lies, concoctions and distractions! He reminded journalists of a current and lingering court case which involves a lady who took him to court for the ridiculous charge of falling down and breaking her teeth at a Lagos National Stadium programme – World Anointing Night, 6 years ago.

Why is everyone out to blackmail you? This narration of yours is in line with what Rita Ibeni stated in her story plus many other encounters the Bishop had with others. Perhaps we need the air cleared on them. For now, this story published by dailymail.net reeks of damage control.

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