”Big Nose, Big Forehead, Big Yam Leg”- Instagram User Blasts Laura Ikeji

”Big Nose, Big Forehead, Big Yam Leg”- Instagram User Blasts Laura Ikeji



Ever since Laura Ikeji’s husband posted a picture of him with his Ex who is the mother of his 2 kids, there has been some sort of cold war going on. This must have been brewed by the comments across social media blogs which pointed out how Laura Ikeji’s husband’s Ex is beautiful than Laura whom some people consider to be ugly. They even wondered why the man divorced her especially when they have 2 lovely looking kids together.

It seems the reaction from fans didn’t sit well with Mr Kanu as he took to Instagram to make it clear that he was never married to the mother of his kids and that Laura Ikeji is the only woman he has ever married. This was also corroborated by Laura Ikeji herself via Instagram.

Wotzup.NG did some snoops which led to the IG handle of Kanu’s Ex where she posted a STRONG WOMAN picture and also warned egotistic people to keep her and her kids off their silly arguments (we wonder who the egoistic people are). Well, what caught my attention are the comments from a certain @white_witch1. She sounded like she was an assassin hired to destroy Laura Ikeji with words. We did some more snoops and discovered that her account is private with just 5 followers and following 13, typical of a recently opened account. Could she really be hired? Perhaps she could actually be the person we might think hired her.


go check laura page, she also uploaded a dance video, copy copy cat, insecurity will kill her! This woman is soooooooooooooooo pretty with pretty angels as children, unlike Laura big nose big forehead, big yam leg ?????? and she will give birth to ugly avatar baby, husband English too UGLY ? ……..Hannah Nigerians love u we hate laura! We love u


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