3 Times Beyonce Borrowed African Culture

3 Times Beyonce Borrowed African Culture




1. In her Lemonade video

The dress Beyonce wore in her Lemonade video has been attributed by many to be inspired by the Yoruba mermaid goddess, Yemoja. The fact that she was seen playing with water in the video far buttresses the point.


2. During her Baby bump Photo shoot

The singer, who is expecting twins, was quoted mentioning 3 African goddesses, Yemoja (Yoruba mermaid goddess), Osun (Yoruba River goddess) and Nefertiti (Egyptian goddess) during her baby bump photo shoot.

”Mother has one foot in this world and one foot in the next, mother, black venus in the dream i  am crowning osun, nefertiti, and yemoja pray around my bed, i can smell jasmine, i wake up as someone places a wreath on my head”

3. During her baby shower

Beyonce recently had an African theme baby shower in which she and her guest were dressed in African attires, mostly Ankara materials. Even her husband ditched his gold chains to put on a wood-like necklace with a pendant the shape of Africa and an African cap. Fela’s music was heard blaring at the event.


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