What Nigeria Musicians Signing Foreign Deals Should Beware Of

What Nigeria Musicians Signing Foreign Deals Should Beware Of

Drugs, Foreign women, Spendthrift, Forgetting one’s root, False friends, Plastic surgery and Sexual perversion are the things likely to bring down our Nigerian artistes getting signed by American record labels. Below is my take.

1. Drugs

As an internationally signed artiste, you are definitely going to mingle with top rated artistes in the international scene. Most of them live crazy lifestyles and can easily influence you. Majek Fashek became a junkie due to the foreign rock stars he was mingling with. They will make you feel inferior for not getting high on cocaine and other hard drugs before performing in the studio or on stage. A studio producer or record CEO might even prescribe it for you so that your performance can be topnotch. They don’t really care about you. To them, the higher your performance, the richer their bank accounts. They dump you the moment you become wasted.

2. Foreign women

I’ll advice you stay off those foreign women, especially the celebs. They are never in a relationship because they love you and can tolerate your shortcomings. They are only there to use your fame and money to attain a certain height before dumping you upon accomplishing the mission. Don’t be carried away by groupie love. A girl who showed you love, to the extent of allowing you take her to an hotel room, can wake up the next morning to claim you raped her.

3. Spendthrift

You really don’t need a house in a country where you don’t spend more than a week in. Also, don’t let peer pressure pull you into buying expensive fast cars and so many jewelry than you actually need. Many American celebs have gone broke as a result of unnecessary spending. Once you are in America, know that the money they give you is not truly yours if you don’t invest, especially at home- Naija. A single court case can sweep your account clean. Trust me, they love to cook up cases.

4. Sexual perversion

I often laugh when I hear Nigerian artistes sing about how they are going to win Grammies and become fully recognized abroad. Look guys, it’s not just about your talent but how much you are willing to give to get what you want. 2pac Shakur narrated how he usually gets sexual advances from top record executives who are men. He turned them down; that was how he became a marked man. You can’t get to certain heights internationally without bowing to their gay advances. You do their bidding, you get contracts. You turn them down, you get pulled out of their circle.


5. False friends

The false friends you should beware of are the lawyers, most especially the recommended ones who are truly good. Yes, they will help you win cases, but they are ever ready to work with the hidden establishment to destroy your account when the powers feel it’s time to dump you and get back the money invested in you. So, my advice is that you fire your lawyer the moment he wins a case for you. That’s what the gangster rappers do.

6. Plastic surgery

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you do not look good enough or you can look better. It’s all a ploy to get you into plastic surgeries which you will later regret. Remember that you became famous and rich even with that awful nose. So, why should anyone make you think you will no longer be successful because of the same nose unless you change it?

7. Forgetting your roots

I watched an interview Wizkid did with a British TV station and I couldn’t help but laugh. The dude was speaking 3 different accent- British, Australian and American. He was making a mess of himself. This is a dude that spends nothing more than 3 months abroad and 9 months in Nigeria. Now, all of a sudden he’s sounding foreign. I laughed the more when he opened his mouth to say he was selling the African sound while sounding British. His fakeness grew worse in the current Glo advert he starred in. Dude was forming accent and pronouncing Eko like AirKor. Maybe the next we’ll hear is that he can’t speak Yoruba anymore. I don’t think he spent more time abroad than Fela Anikulapo Kuti who still remained original. No matter the amount foreign record companies pay you, don’t ever let them make you forget your roots. No doubt, they are envious of the success of Nigerian music and would do anything to destroy it. Such is what they do to Jamaican music every time it rises. They sign and feature their best artistes, force them to do hip-hop until the world gets tired of them cos they no longer deliver the original sound that drew attention to them. That’s when all focus shifts back to America. Do you see a pattern here? I’m glad Davido learned fast and has come back to his roots.


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