RMD Shares Top 10 Ways People Annoy Him On Instagram

Renowned actor Richard Mode Damijo who is known for his great achievement in the movie industry, his great sense of fashion  and good looks shared the top 10 ways his fans annoy him on Instagram. Read below;

THE GROUP DMERS: You are my friend, I like you but hate when you start group DM’S just because you can. You make random people you add to the group DM keep sending random messages that get random responses while I am just there like …  *sob sob*

THE LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO YOU ONES:  I post a picture, you steal it, repost it on your page and tag me. News flash, I just posted the picture so I have seen it *Corner Eye*

THE COPY AND PASTE COMMENTERS:  I put out a post about I’m believing God for new decisions I’m making, you go and comment ‘Happy Birthday Sir’. Please the listen before you speak” advice in real life also applies on social media and it says, read and understand before you comment. ** mstchew**

THE I CAN TAG FOR AFRICA ONES: You tag me in pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with me, what is the point really?? Biko, how it take consign me???

THE SCAMMERS: You come on my comment to congratulate imaginary people who won your (most likely scam) football betting game. You are blocked ** Straight Face**

THE SHABBY PROFESSIONALS: You send me as DM asking for my contact for a business deal, meanwhile my management information is clearly on my bio page. You have me wondering how professional you really are.

THE BADLY RAISED, DISRESPECTFUL ONES: You slide into my DM and address me as Richard, start your messages with HI or S’up.. Let me just say here. ”the way you address an elder is a reflection of who raised you”. Please take out your bad attitude and poor upbringing on the ones who did the terrible job of raising you because I am tired of asking my mobile device screen AM I YOUR MATE??. **Tongue Click*

THE DISGUSTING ONES: You come on my comment to sell body part enlargement  products. Like really? Well you are blocked!!


THE I SOLD MY SENSE IN THE MARKET ONES: You think because I’m in the limelight you can comes into my DM AND REFER TO ME AS BABBY??? Are you Mrs Adejumobi Abike Mofe- Damijo?????? No! So please apply some decorum. **Roll My Eyes**

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