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Is Eniola Badmus Dressed For A Wedding or Funeral?

The first time I laid my eyes on this photos, I was practically confused as to what was happening here. Didn’t we get the memo to Eniola Badmus’ wedding? As I was pondering, my eyes caught the caption ‘Rest In Peace Dad’ and I was suddenly blown away. I have many questions to ask;

Isn’t she looking very overdressed?

I know westerners (Yoruba’s) celebrates the dead extensively but isn’t this overboard?

Meanwhile, is Eniola Badmus the only child?

Three dresses in one day? Should we call it Luxury, extravagance, Or Show off?

I  have read the comments from Nigerians but then I guess there is no recession at the stables of Eniola Badmus, besides there is ”ETISALAT MONEY”! What do you all think, did she go overboard or  do you see it as normal?

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